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What you do makes everyone’s holidays better, including mine. What I wish to tell you is how very, very much I appreciate you. At i2290 we recognize that each and every day you run your business operating heavy commercial vehicles, you employ very specialized skills, time, and energy to help make other lives comfortable and safe.

When it comes to moving our country’s 36 million tons of material every day, Santa’s got nothing on our nation’s amazing network of skilled masters of the road. Honestly, how much could Santa, plus all the reindeer (fully hydrated), plus the sleigh with its maximum load, actually weigh on a scale? No way does it tip 80,000 pounds!

Regardless of what your business transports, your pro skills and commitment to your craft is essential to our country’s complex economy that delivers millions of families their favorite holiday treats, gifts, and all the season’s sparkle.

More importantly, hospital ER’s are stocked with the medical supplies needed to treat the roughly 20,000 visits each year due to accidents with Christmas decorations and manage the 25% increase in holiday trash and recycling which is hauled away and processed without a hitch.

It is you and the rest of i2290’s amazing, pro customers who keep all of us safe and sound. Every day. Every year.

What would we ever do without you?

So this holiday message is dedicated to you. Please receive our sincerest appreciation and gratitude and know how truly valuable you are, how much we respect you, how much we need you, and how much we want you to prosper.

May your holidays be filled with joy, laughter, and all the special moments that make this time of year magical.

Warmest wishes to you – our hero,

Phil Boyer
President / CEO

  • “I plan on continuing to use your company’s services since obviously, you care immensely about customer service.”

    A. Hollinger
    Treasurer / CFO, Hollinger Excavating
  • “INSTANT 2290 saved me a 4–5 hour wait at the local IRS Office—I will be using your website from now on.”

    E. Jarosz
    Armstrong Homes
  • “Thank you. All you guys are so nice and very helpful.”

    D. Lento
  • “I knew I could count on you guys …”

    T. Hyde
    Bracken, Inc.
  • “INSTANT 2290’s customer service personnel—and the recorded messages—are the very best!!”

    E. Hodges
  • “Your service is AWESOME!!”

    L. Coburn
  • “Thanks so much for excellent assistance!!!”

    L. Hill
    Pasture Management
  • “Everyone was so helpful and polite today. Thank you for your service!”

    T. Shay
    Office Manager – Ebberts Construction

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